Box Set Authentic is a loosely-knit group of eight friends and longtime musical collaborators who really like one another’s songwriting. We record whenever enough of us get together in the same place. When we can’t, we record at home and share our work digitally. Our roots are in Chicago, but we have branches that span from Los Angeles to Canada to London.


Works in Progress

Released Songs

from Another In-Joke for the Guests
from Deutschlandland
from Peace in the Middle West


Guy Crundwell

Vocals, bass, guitar, programming

John deMoulpied

Vocals, guitar, banjo

Joy Gregory

Vocals, guitar

Rick Karr

Vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming, bass


Michael Sankowski

Vocals, drums and cymbals, guitar, bass, programming

Matthew Neill Sharp

Vocals, programming, keyboards, guitar

Mark Venn


Steve Zimmers

Vocals, keyboards, piano, guitar, programming


  • Cover:Another In-Joke for the Guests
    • 102:32Tidy
    • 204:17E.S.B.
    • 302:43Mainstream
    • 402:54My Snare
    • 506:49Penalty Phase
    • 603:53Bad Match Game
  • Cover:Deutschlandland
    • 104:40Tief im Hochhaus
    • 202:45My Opinion of Disco
    • 302:43The Escheat Business
    • 402:35Under the Castles
    • 502:33Redemption Song Song
  • Cover:Peace in the Middle West
    • 10:24Bloomsday (Chorus)
    • 22:38Pretty
    • 32:30Marilyn
    • 44:11Kitty Hawk
    • 50:53bb_var01
    • 63:34not cool, trumfio
    • 72:47Draw
    • 84:36Cracked Glasses
    • 92:02Family Law
    • 101:176L/24R
    • 112:50L.A.-Ex
    • 122:29Custard's Last Stand
    • 132:47Anhedonia
    • 141:1224L/6R
    • 153:32Verloren
    • 162:23Rocket Ship
    • 171:55Blue Bag


Most of us played in and around Chicago in the bands Shovel Choir, Tart, and the Velmas. By 1999, all three had split and their members had relocated across the U.S. Sick of wishing we could be in a band together every time we heard one of the others’ new songs, Guy Crundwell announced that we were together in a band, geography be damned. In 2001, the collective met at Chicago’s late Stroppy Studio to start recording tracks for Peace In The Middle West.

Many years, moves (foreign and domestic), and family changes later, the collective is still writing, recording, and releasing new material. At times, some members meet in one of our home studios; more often, we’re sharing ideas, parts, and songs remotely and contributing in the same fashion. Always with the aim of surprising and delighting one another, and hopefully entertaining others along the way.


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